Vintage Slots Game for iPhone

Vintage Slots Game for iPhone

Vintage Slots

Exclusively for iphone/ipad users Vintage slots is developed to bring the good old feelings of classic slot machines with amazing graphics and enticing sounds. Developed by an excellent team the game is of course fun. Vintage slots is free and has more than 16 different slot machines. This three reel slots game is played by millions of players and has been at the top position as a very popular casino game in the world.

Many players have identified and remarked the app as an exciting free casino slots game with a great collection of electrifying machines like Sticky Wilds, Sliding Double Diamond, Bonus Round, MEGA Wild Multipliers, Rewind , Free spins, Re-Spins, 5X Wild, the Bonus Machine, Diamond, Frozen Wild, 15X etc. Each of these machines offers different experience and they are unique in their own style and winning payouts. Anyone can take himself back to the antique days of slots and feel the thrill like in a real gambling house with this free slots game for iphone/ipad.

Vintage Slots game offers credits you can redeem everyday for free and other exciting bonuses. The moment you enter the game for the first time you will be credited with welcome bonus. With this sum you can continue the game and make more coins. There are multiple ways of earning a bonus in this free slots app. You can claim daily wheel bonus which is as much rewarding as a Big Win or keep collecting the fifteen minutes Free Bonus Credits or invite new friends to join the game to earn more credits and share the fun around. Spend more spins with the Free Credits and you can even hit a Big Win or even hit the Jackpot with such an allowance. You can also play the game without an internet connection. The games algorithm takes care of all the functions, and eliminates the need to worry about loading.

The tournament is another thrilling feature of Vintage Slots. The thrilled enthused when you see other fellow players’ win volumes climbing up higher on the live leatherboard than yours or yours against theirs is really kicky. Compete with other players and check your ranking in tournaments. Lucky or not it’s really fun. You can also make advancements in the game by becoming a VIP player. This offers a player the chance to make more coins with higher multiply rate.

The great thing about such a game like this is the fun element, flexibility and experience. You have zero reason to worry about losing a play or a tournament, because losing actually means no real loss at all, quite on the contrary it provokes fun.

If you want to have the electrifying experience you can click here to download the game and enjoy an exciting Huge Win! It’s the first and only of a kind. Enjoy the fast spin and stop in HD in iPhone.