How To Collect Free Coins in 7Heart Casino 🤩

How To Collect Free Coins in 7Heart Casino 🤩

7Heart Casino – a revolution in the social casino industry, never fails to amaze us with its mind-blowing features. The graphics and gameplay of this incredible Social Casino Game are second to none. Using no real money to place bets is the most remarkable thing about 7Heart Casino.  

What do we all require to place bets in Social Casino Games? Coins, of course. The virtual in-built glimmering gold coins. This brings me to the second question. Are these coins unlimited? No. Actually, you need to place bets carefully so as to never run out of coins. Amidst all this, there are various schemes embedded in 7Heart Casino with which you can collect a huge number of coins. 

One can collect these coins in two ways. The first is from Inside the Game, and the other is Online Free Coins. 

Inside the Game

  1. Daily Bonus – Open the game daily in order to claim the hiked returning bonus. There will be a good amount of coins to be won from here. So make sure you don’t skip a single day.
  1. Hourly Bonus – There is a Free Coins Bonanza in 7Heart Casino, which activates every hour. Thus, you will be able to collect coins every hour. 
  1. Weekly Reward – Here, you have to play this incredible game for each day of the week. You can collect 7-Day Reward Points. In other words, a significant amount of coins. 
  1. Inbox – You need to check your Inbox regularly for Special Gifts and Rewards from the Bodacious Bella. Never miss out on this one. 
  1. Lottery – Ok, so this is totally based on your luck. You just need to be involved in juggling balls to collect free coins. If stars are aligned in your favor, you will hit Mini, Major, and Grand Jackpot. 
  1. Watching Ads – Just watch a short advertisement to collect coins that you can use to place more bets. 
  1.  Contact Customer Support – Lastly, you can also acquire free coins by mailing us at our customer support email – We are available- 24*7 at your disposal. 

Online Free Coins

free coins
  1. Free Coins Link on Facebook – First, you must follow the Official 7Heart Casino page. The free coins are given twice a day on this page in the form of links. However, each link is accessible only once. 
  1. Facebook Fan Page Groups – Join our Official Facebook Fan Page Group to Collect Free Coins. In addition to this, you can also participate in various Events and Activities listed in the group. These events and activities will award you a lot of coins. 
  1. Instagram Free Coins Link – Similar to Facebook, there is an Official Instagram Fan Page as well. You may follow that page to collect more and more coins. 
  1. Twitter Free Coins Link – Check out the Official Twitter Page to collect Free Coins. 
  1. YouTube Free Coins Link – Visit our Official YouTube page for Free Coins. The drill is simple. You just have to click on the video and follow the Free Coins Link in the description. However, you need to hurry up. The video will be accessible only for 48 hours. 


In a nutshell, with all these means to collect coins, 7Heart Casino makes sure that there will never be a dearth of coins. Hence, there will be no impediment to your gaming experience. Just keep on spinning the slot machines and collect as much as you can. 

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