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Phonato Studios is a premium social casino game development studio founded in May 2013. We have various hit titles such as 7Heart Casino, Vegas Slots, Double Jackpot Slots, Roulette – Casino Style, Baccarat – Casino Style, Craps – Casino Style and many others!

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Our Story

Under a hot summer sun in 2013, Phonato Studios came into existence. With limited funding and no foresight into the future, our founders set out on a path with just one goal in mind, to create a new kind of gaming company that was a cut above the rest.

Phonato Studios was founded on a few core beliefs

Smart People. Smarter Games.

Here at Phonato Studios we believe in the idea of creating a game, so dynamic that it literally oozes out the innovation behind creating it. Our vision Build a game the way you would build a professional sports team, with strategic finesse. Keeping this vision in mind we aimed to acquire the best talent in the industry, create the best possible environment for them, and let the magic happen. An environment not only with zero bureaucracy, but also a place where the smartest of the lot could make the biggest possible impact. Everything else comes next.

The Best People Make The Best Games.

With time we realized that utmost quality is achieved by only a select few, where each member works in perfect harmony and is passionate about what they do. However with increases in size things like politics, processes, and even bureaucracy creep in, and well work isn’t just as fun anymore.That’s why our organizational model comprises of very small teams, or micro-teams as we like to call them.